Since the establishment of the LNP, the concept of ‘High Nature Value Farming’ has been at the heart of what we do. Our focus is on helping local farmers and environmental agencies to collaborate in ways that will secure a more robust economic future for the low intensity, upland farming systems that are particularly valuable for wildlife, the environment and people.

Nidderdale AONB

We have produced the following leaflet which provides a summary of High Nature Farming in the Northern Upland Chain and sets out the action that we are calling for.

Our first step was to collaborate directly with 4 groups of farmers from across our area to do some in-depth research into barriers to profitable high nature farming.  You can read the detailed report (here).

The work we did with farmer groups, led directly to the establishment of a national upland pilot for results based agri-environment payment scheme. This work has been taken forward on behalf of the LNP by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, under the overall management of Natural England. The pilot is focused primarily on 19 farms in Wensleydale but with trial farms elsewhere in the LNP. It is an outcome focused approach that pays by results and places trust and responsibility in the hands of the farmer to reach agreed conservation objectives. Further information is available (here).

High Nature Value Farming Report from ADAS

High Nature Value Farming Appendices Report from ADAS