The Curlew ‘Focus Area’ Project is being developed with input from a wide stakeholder base. Discussions with stakeholders have been unanimously positive.  The project vision, derived from these early discussions is to “Secure Curlews in the northern uplands for generations to come”.

A bid to the National Lottery Heritage Fund will be submitted in June 2020.

Within the developing project there are themes and opportunities to be explored further.  Some of the project outcomes or impacts will:

  • Be of benefit for all threatened wading birds, focusing on Curlew as a flagship species;
  • Develop a better understanding of Curlew and its productivity within the NUCLNP area, through targeted data capture and monitoring within each of the Focus Areas;
  • Create new means of data capture whilst building upon that which already exists for Curlew.  This might include engaging with and resourcing gamekeepers to monitor and possibly colour ring young and adult Curlew, develop a farming Curlew calendar for the in-bye and upland farmers whilst engaging with the general public through Curlew sightings observing behaviours and calling;
  • Connect people with their environment through a high-profile flagship species within which they can actively contribute.  Colour ringing of Curlew will bring with it a personalisation and sense of ownership within a wide stakeholder base, whilst increasing our knowledge relating to population dynamics and migration;
  • Develop specific advisory resource (people/literature) based upon a wealth of current UK knowledge and experience whilst disseminating and facilitating new knowledge throughout the NUC, and potentially further afield;
  • Develop simple data input systems for people collecting data using technology including phone apps and web-based platforms that are easily accessible and transferable;
  • Enable farmers and landowners to develop the Curlew brand (Moorland Gin Company in Northumberland) in the knowledge that they are actively conserving the Curlew through specific environmental measures.

Link to Curlew ‘Focus Area’ Project update.