The Curlew ‘Focus Area’ Project is being developed with input from a very wide stakeholder base. They range from conservation groups and bodies, the 5 protected landscapes forming the northern upland chain, farmers and landowners, shooting and conservation interests, individuals and the wider public and private utilities. Around 65 organisations, bodies and companies have all stated their desire to see this project deliver on a single vision;

“To secure Curlews in the northern uplands for generations to come”.

Despite these unprecedented times we will continue to develop the project and maintain the interest shown. As we recover from this episode the curlew will still need us. Indeed, we may need the curlew as its upland and coastal habitats are where we might one day venture back to, seeking reflection and healing.

We had intended to submit a further bid to the National Lottery Heritage Fund in June 2020. This won’t now be the timeline we work to and we will address funding issues as we progress with the project development and its potential impact for upland waders but also for all those who live, work and visit these areas.

People will be at the heart of this project and we will share more over the forthcoming months relating to its progress and desired impacts.

Unless you happen to live in the uplands where the curlew are currently nesting, you may feel disconnected, as do I. I would however encourage you to watch many of the available videos on YouTube where the curlew can be brought right in to your front room.

In doing so, will you share with us:

  • If you no longer have curlew, what do you remember about them and how did they stir you in the past;
  • If you’re living in a region where, when you open your window or go for a short walk, you encounter the curlew, tell us what this means to you here in the present;
  • We still need to look after the curlew once we’ve come through this current crisis. How important is this for you and to what degree does / will the curlew and the uplands and coastal zones where it occupies, become a place of reflection and healing in the future.

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Link to Curlew ‘Focus Area’ Project update December 2019.