Northern Hill Farming Panel

Northern Hill Farming Panel

The Northern Hill Farming Panel (The Panel) is an initiative created by and for the benefit of hill farmers in northern England. It functions as a farmer led alliance of hill farmers and is supported by the relevant National Park Authorities and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) that comprise the Northern upland Chain Local Nature Partnership (NUCLNP). The Panel encourages discussion and seeks agreement between Defra, agency staff and farmers that benefit the farming community and the delivery of public benefits.

The Panel’s objectives are:

  • To provide a voice for hill farmers from Northumberland, North Pennines, Nidderdale, Yorkshire Dales and the Forest of Bowland.
  • To promote the distinctiveness of the Northern Upland Chain and its farming communities.
  • To promote the beneficial environmental by-products hill farming in the Northern Upland Chain provides.
  • To facilitate the exchange and dissemination of information.
  • To encourage and support the next generation of hill farmers.
  • To collect the evidence to support these objectives.

The Panel’s Membership will comprise hill farmers from each of the 5 protected landscapes which make up the NUCLNP; the Northumberland National Park, the North Pennines AONB and the areas of Kielder & the Tyne Gap in between these two areas, the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Nidderdale AONB & the Forest of Bowland AONB. The Panel was established in June 2016 and selected Members to form an interim Panel which will agree and action future membership. The Interim Panel has decided to include representation from the 5 protected landscapes, Natural England and the RSPB.

If you are interested in finding out more, the interim  panel  members  are:

    • Richard Betton, chair & Teesdale farmer representative
    • Greg Dalton, Weardale farmer representative
    • Robert Phillipson, Allendale farmer representative
    • Nick Howard, Allendale farmer  representative
    • Stuart  Nelson , Breamish Valley  farmer representative
    • Rob Dyson, Coquetdale farmer  representative
    • Neil Robson , Hadrian Wall farmer  representative
    • Andrew Taylor, Tatham Fells farmer  representative
    • Peter Blackwell, Hodder Valley farmer  representative
    • Thomas Binns, Pendle Hill farmer representative
    •  Richard Harker, Upper Nidderdale farmer  representative
    • Neil Heseltine,  Malhamdale farmer representative
    • Garry Schofield, Wharfedale farmer representative
    • James Hodgson, Wensleydale farmer  representative
    • Phillip Metcalfe, Swaledale farmer representative
    • John Akrigg,Vice chair & Yorkshire Dales farmer representative

Other contacts:

  • Adrian Shepherd, NUCLNP HNVF lead, YDNPA
  • Stephanie.Bird-Halton , Natural England
  • Janet Fairclough, RSPB
  • Rebecca Barrett, North Pennines AONB
  • Mary Gough, Northumberland NPA
  • Marian Wilby, Nidderdale AONB
  • Sarah Robinson, Forest of Bowland AONB
  • Helen Keep, Yorkshire Dales NPA